Why Are My Sinuses Worse in Winter?

Many patients suffer from sinus issues all year round, but discover that these problems worsen during winter months. There are several reasons for the flare-up or worsening of sinus problems during the cold winter months. By understanding what is triggering your sinus problems, you can determine the correct path to finding sinus relief.

Dry Air

In most of the country, the air is less humid in the winter time. This dry air dries out the sinuses and exacerbates any existing sinus problems that you have. In addition, indoor air becomes dryer as the heat runs.


Another contributing factor to wintertime sinus problems is the amount of fragrances in the air. In winter, homes and offices are closed up to keep cold air out and warm air in. During the holidays and even during the entire winter, people use fragrances and candles to increase holiday spirit and decrease musty smells from keeping doors and windows closed. All of these chemicals and scents can combine to irritate your sinuses.


Mold can be a problem, even if you think your home is mold free. Christmas trees and wreaths made of live branches can carry small mold spores that can irritate your sinuses. Your artificial tree and decorations may also be contaminated with mold if not stored properly during the summer.

Carpets and Furniture

Carpets and furniture can harbor dust and other allergens that irritate the sinuses. Again, when wintertime arrives, your house is closed up and allergens stay inside. This is a good reason to switch to hardwood or tile floors, as these types of flooring do not harbor allergens and other irritations that can wreak havoc on your sinuses.


During the winter, your pets will most likely spend more time in the house with you, especially if you live in a locale that experiences a lot of snow, rain or other inclement weather that is not conducive to outdoor play for your pets. Proper, regular grooming is a must, especially when your pet is spending the majority of his time inside with you.

There are many options available for sinus relief. It is important to consult your doctor or healthcare professional before attempting any of these solutions. Choosing the wrong option can make your sinus issues worse. Contact our offices today for an appointment so we can properly diagnose and treat your winter sinus issues.