When to See an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

What is an ENT doctor? What does and ENT do? Who needs to see an ENT? These are questions many people may not be able to answer. Unfortunately, thousands of people need to see an ENT doctor, but they do not know it yet. We answer those questions here so that you can make an informed choice about your ear, nose and throat health

What is an ENT?

An ENT doctor specializes in issues of the ear, nose and throat. The medical term for an ENT is Otolaryngology. If you are experiencing problems with your ear, nose and throat, an ENT is the correct doctor to help treat your symptoms. An ENT doctor is able to determine if there are any connections.

What Does the ENT Doctor Do?

Ear Problems

The ENT doctor holds dual medical degrees in the areas of medical and surgical fields. If you are prone to regular ear infections, hearing loss, unbalanced steps, or pain and ringing in your ear, it is time to see and ENT professional. Even if you have congenital ear disorders, the ENT can help.

Nose Concerns

The nose is another area that the ENT can treat and manage. If you are like thousands of other people, you might suffer from sinusitis or sinus related problems. Sinus problems affect your breathing and your sense of smell. Severe sinus problems may require surgery, since your nasal cavity, your nose and your sinus are all involved.

Throat Symptoms

Constant sore throats, problems eating and swallowing, problems speaking, singing and eating, and indigestion, indicate a potential throat problem. Any of these symptoms are not normal. In fact, these symptoms require further testing. The ENT doctor can diagnose, treat and manage any and all of these problems.

An ear, nose and throat specialist is qualified and trained to treat and manage various diseases. You are not alone. Thousands of sufferers have no idea of the extensive medical training of an ear, nose and throat specialist.

An ENT can treat diseases related to trauma and deformities of the face, head and neck, and also tumors. The specialist can perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to alleviate these issues.

Who Needs to See an ENT?

Anyone who is suffering from: allergies, nose bleeds, sinus problems, GERD, breathing problems, ear, nose and throat birth defects, abnormal growths or tumors in the face, ears, neck, or nose, should see and ear, nose and throat specialist. Contact Dr. Andy Chung today to schedule an appointment.