The Source of Sinus Pain and Pressure

Nothing is more irritating and bothersome than sinus pain or pressure. When you are suffering from pain or pressure around the sinuses, finding appropriate solutions to obtain sinus relief must start from identifying the cause. Although every situation is different, there are common causes of sinus pain and pressure.

Sensitivity or Allergies

If you notice that your sinus pressure flares up during a particular time of the year, then the problem might actually relate to allergies. Even sensitivity to particular items, like pollen or dust, may cause sinus pain and pressure.

Allergies and sensitivities are relatively simple to manage. An appropriate allergy medication will usually clear up the pressure and pain so that it is easier to breathe. When sinus discomfort is related to allergies, you may notice other symptoms, such as itchy eyes or hay fever, which can help you determine the appropriate treatment solutions.

Sinus Blockage

A sinus blockage is another common reason that sinus pain or pressure may build up over time. A blockage refers to any time that the small space in the sinus is blocked. That causes mucus to build up and can make it hard to breathe.

Clearing the blockage will usually provide some sinus relief.

Extra Sinus

An extra sinus narrows down the transition space in the nose, which increases the risk of a blockage. Roughly 10 percent of people have an extra sinus and may suffer from chronic sinus pain or pressure.

Narrow Sinuses

Narrow sinuses mean that the transition passage in the nose is longer than average. As a result, it takes more time to drain and may cause pain or pressure. Narrow sinuses are the result of genetics and do not relate to environmental factors.

It is irritating when the nose is blocked and sinus pressure builds up. Although it can be troublesome, solutions are available to help when sinus pain and pressure builds up and causes headaches. Contact Dr. Andy Chung, ENT, today to learn more about your options for sinus relief.