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The Source of Sinus Pain and Pressure

Nothing is more irritating and bothersome than sinus pain or pressure. When you are suffering from pain or pressure around the sinuses, finding appropriate solutions to obtain sinus relief must start from identifying the cause. Although every situation is different, there are … Read more

Tips for Sinus Sufferers

During both cold and warm months, sinus sufferers deal with upper respiratory infections, colds, flu, allergies and sinus infections. These allergies and illnesses are responsible for lost work hours, missed school days and financial distress. Most over the counter medications only relieve … Read more

When is it a sinus headache?

During fall, sinuses start to flare up leaving individuals with sinus headaches and other related issues. However, treatment for a sinus headache and a tension or migraine headache is a much different process. How do you determine when you are … Read more