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Dr. Andy Chung offers comprehensive care and state of the art technology available for all conditions relating to the ear, nose and throat in the Dallas region. He treats children with ENT conditions as wide-ranging as chronic ear infection, head & neck neoplasms, congenital anomalies & lymphatic malformations, airway problems, sinus disease, voice/speech difficulties and hearing assessment.

What is otitis media (ear infection)?

Ear infections are the most common reason parents bring their children to see a doctor. Prior to modern day antibiotics, an ear infection was a serious disease of childhood. Antibiotics are extremely effective in treating ear infections, but they do have their drawbacks – such as drug allergies and side effects like diarrhea, drug resistance, and cost. Antibiotics, however, can’t fix the anatomy of the Eustachian tube, which can lead to chronic negative air pressure in the middle ear, prolonged hearing loss due to retained middle ear fluid and, ultimately, scarring of the ear drum.

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Does my child need ear tubes?

Your ENT doctor is crucial in guiding you to the right treatment for your child’s ear infection. The decision for tubes is based on many factors: number of ear infections, duration of the infections, responses to antibiotics, severity of symptoms, retained fluid in the middle ear and the child’s overall health.

How do ear tubes work?

Ear tubes restore normal middle ear function that is independent of the Eustachian tube. They also allow direct application of medication through the ear tube into the middle ear. Ear tubes can reverse hearing loss caused by retained fluid. They are temporary, and typically fall out within 9-12 months. The hole in the eardrum will then close naturally.

Does my child need an adenoidectomy?

The adenoids are a mass of tissue in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavity and the throat. Adenoids help the body fight infections and control bacteria that can enter through the nose. As the adenoids help fight disease, they can easily become infected and swell. This results in chronic runny nose, repeated ear infections (despite ear tubes) and snoring. If your child is continually bothered by swollen adenoids, or if they remain swollen for an extended period of time, surgery may be required to remove the adenoids, along with the tonsils.

Lymphatic Malformations (Lymphangiomas)

Lymphangiomas are non-cancerous malformations of the lymphatic system.  These fluid-filled growths occur as a result of abnormal build-up or blockage of lymphatic vessels.  These types of malformations can adversely affect the areas of the head and neck they involve. Cosmetic, speech, swallowing and breathing problems can occur and are treated utilizing various proven surgical procedures.

Why Dr Andy Chung?

Dr. Chung, himself a father, understands how parents can sometimes feel overwhelmed when illness enters the lives of their children. He is dedicated to communicating well and compassionately with parents, and considers this relationship as vital as the gentle, comprehensive approach with which he treats every child.