Otolaryngology or ENT is a field in surgery that specializes in and focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck. It is also the oldest surgical specialty in the United States. Dr. Andy Chung treats all aspects of ENT disorders with special training in the Sinus, Cancer, Sleep Apnea and Pediatric sub-specialties.

Dallas ENT Services | Dr Andy Chung

Common reasons to see an ENT specialist

Dr. Chung sees both children and adults for ear, nose and throat symptoms. Whether it’s seasonal allergies, earaches or a severe breathing disorder, Dr. Chung is a highly trained and board certified ENT surgeon specializing in diagnosis and treatment of such abnormalities.

Dr. Chung’s office includes a full-service Audiology department providing hearing tests, custom swim molds, noise reduction ear plugs for shooting and hearing aids.


Dr. Andy Chung is focused on patient-centered care, giving each individual the personal attention and medical diagnosis needed to make an informed decision. Learn more about Dr. Chung and his Dallas ENT practice here. You may visit his insurance page to review insurance information and what to expect as a new patient.