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It is crucial that patients are seen by a fellowship trained head and neck cancer surgeon. Dr. Andy Chung will provide a thorough examination and guide you through all the necessary tests (CT, MRI, PET, US, biopsy) that are crucial in properly staging the cancer.

Dr. Chung’s team approach in the treatment of head and neck cancer (radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, reconstructive surgeons) is vital in providing appropriate treatment recommendations (surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy).

Cancer surgery, until recently was both risky and complicated.  Patients were faced with a slow surgical recovery and potential long-term dysfunction in speech, swallowing and breathing, as well as cosmetic deformity.

Dr. Chung utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques to reduce, and often eliminate, the potential pitfalls of cancer surgery, assisting his patients in a more rapid and healthy return to normal life as cancer survivors.

Cancer Surgery

When treated early, various forms of head and neck cancers can be cured.  Surgical procedures for cancer treatment vary; however, the common main objective is to remove the cancerous tumor while leaving a negative margin in the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

Depending on it’s location, size and stage, laser surgery can be used to safely remove the cancer while minimizing disruption of normal tissues and reducing doses of radiation or chemotherapy, when indicated.

Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM)

Dr. Chung, a specialist in the most advanced throat cancer surgical techniques, removes cancers within the mouth, throat and voice box via a laser and microscope in a minimally invasive surgical technique called TLM. With TLM, cancer surgery for the throat can now be performed without external neck incisions.

This technique – in which specialized instruments are inserted through the mouth – allows for complete removal of the throat cancer with minimal disruption to the surrounding healthy tissue.  Patients maintain speech, swallowing and breathing function immediately after surgery and are typically sent home the same day or day following surgery.

Why Dr Andy Chung?

Dr. Andy Chung is fellowship trained in Head and Neck Cancer and is a leader in cancer surgical techniques in Dallas, TX.  Whenever possible, Dr. Chung uses minimally invasive surgical techniques that preserve normal body function, promote quicker recovery, and provide his patients with a positive long-term treatment outcomes.