Dallas…lets go scuba diving

Are these dive locations on your bucket list?
Galapagos Islands, Truk Lagoon Micronesia, Lembeh Straits Indonesia, Wakatobi, Bonaire, Cayman Islands and Cozumel.

For us avid divers, we’re usually planning our next trip before our current trip is even over.  There are many variables we divers need to factor into every trip (luggage restrictions, dive gear, camera equipment, C card, etc…)

One thing we can’t afford to deal with is the inability to clear our sinuses or ears during our trip.  Those of you who suffer from ear or sinus squeeze know how this can absolutely ruin your entire trip.

As a Divers Alert Network preferred ENT physician in Dallas, I specialize in the treatment of dive disorders.  I can make custom ear molds to prevent the dreaded swimmer’s ear or prevent ear and sinus squeeze through proven medical and surgical approaches.

So, before your trip, take the time to visit Dr Andy Chung in Dallas to ensure your dive trip is a success, so you can focus on the critters and wrecks.