Balloon Sinuplasty

As a less invasive surgical alternative to traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), balloon sinuplasty is providing thousands of allergy and sinusitis sufferers with welcome relief from the congestion, post-nasal drip and headache pain associated with chronically irritated sinuses.

Sinus infection season has already begun and spring/summer allergies follow immediately after so avoid feeling stuffed-up and ill all the time by allowing internationally respected ENT surgeon Dr. Andy Chung the opportunity to eliminate your sinus symptoms with balloon sinuplasty.

Who is Dr. Andy Chung?

Dr. Andy Chung is a board-certified ENT doctor who has performed many balloon sinuplasty procedures for people who received little to no relief from sinus or allergy medications. Recognized this year by D Magazine as one of the area’s best doctors and a top rated ear, nose and throat expert, Dr. Andy Chung sees both children and adults affected by chronic sinus conditions, ear infections and many other ENT disorders that have not responded to other treatment methods.

Benefits of balloon sinuplasty include:

  • It is minimally invasive–Dr. Chung does not need to make any incisions to the nasal tissues or nasal bones.
  • Most procedures are done under local anesthesia in the office.
  • Eases the uncomfortable swelling, itching and burning of sinus passages so that patients can breathe freely again.
  • Following balloon sinuplasty, patients return to work quickly and experience lasting improvement in nasal congestion, pain, pressure, headaches and infections.

How is Balloon Sinuplasty Performed?

Insertion of the balloon sinuplasty device is a simple procedure that can be done in the office by Dr. Andy Chung.   A tiny balloon catheter and lighted guide wire is introduced into the narrowed sinus passageways. Inflation of this balloon opens your swelled passageways painlessly while a gradual restructuring of the sinus area takes place. Restoration of normal sinus functioning begins almost immediately, without harming the anatomical integrity of sinus passages.

How Well Does Balloon Sinuplasty Work?

Dr. Chung’s balloon sinuplasty patients consistently report significant improvement of sinusitis symptoms after the procedure. Recovery time consists of one to two days of simple rest before patients can resume normal activities. Compared to the several weeks of downtime associated with traditional sinus surgery that require general anesthesia in the hospital setting, undergoing a balloon sinuplasty procedure with Dr. Andy Chung will seem like a painless, quick check-up.

Don’t Suffer Another Minute with Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

We welcome new patients and invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Andy Chung if your current treatment methods have been ineffective in relieving your ear, nose and throat disorders.